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Advanced Visualisation Expertise

Advanced Visualisation expertise from  leaders  in the field.
Recognised as Subject Matter experts in the field of Advanced Visualisation, we can bring our considerable experience to solving your Advanced Visualisation questions..
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Medical Imaging Consultancy

With access to a global network of experts in the fields of AI, AdvViz, CT and MRI, we can assist you in evaluating new Medical Imaging technologies and their true value to your business

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"We are guided by the needs of  physicians and patients alike, to assist in providing the most accurate diagnosis"

Diagnostic Imaging Australia have been at the forefront of Advanced Visualisation expertise since 2003.
Our principal staff have over 30 years experience in the Medical Imaging field, providing Advanced Visualisation products and service's to State Health departments, Large private Radiology groups and Individual practices alike.
Our guiding principle is to provide expertise that can assist in the most accurate and efficient diagnosis possible.

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